"A picture is worth a thousand words but memories are priceless"


wonderful kids

A few years after our 3rd child was born all of our captured memories were lost in a mistake with computers. I was able to recover some of them through social media and some that I'd sent to family and friends through email, but they were lost AGAIN due to computer drive failure. This time they were gone. Forever. My husband recovers hard drives and lost files for his day job as a cyber security/digital forensics specialist and tried everything. We even sent them out and there was just nothing that anyone could do to recover them. From age 14-25 all the photos I had of our journey from dating through delivery of our children, was all gone. It was traumatizing. Because of these unfortunate events  I want to make sure that all my clients have physical keepsakes of their beautiful memories that they will have for generations to come as well as a digital copy to save and share on social media.
Located in Lehi, Utah and serving all the surrounding areas including- Utah county, Salt Lake City,  Park City, Provo/Orem, and more.   

From the first day we met when I was just age 14 at Orem high in Orem, Utah, our lives were forever changed. My husband and I dated until I was 18, and then got married as soon as we could, just a few weeks after my 18th birthday. Before we could legally rent a car we had 2 kids and had our last 3 kids before I turned 30. Because my grandfather and sister were both professional photographers, photography was part of my life since I was a baby. I assisted and took pictures on the side since I can remember. I can still remember the smell of the chemicals to develop film.


of Smiles and laughs


memories we've made


years we've been together...and counting




There is beauty in every smile, laugh, adventure, hug. Every person has a unique story to tell. 



Endless love and happiness.



From battle scars to toothless grins. Everyone is different and has a unique story to share. 



Are you ready to make memories with us?